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Attack on Wendigo is an ultra-violent arena FPS in which you have to slaughter titanic fire-breathing demons. You were dropped off by a helicopter in a northern ghost town. The helicopter will serve you as a dispenser of guns and drugs. Despite the approaching blizzard, you have no right to retreat until the last Wendigo is dead. Kill or be killed!


  • Spectacular dismemberment
  • Destroyable environment
  • Intense gameplay 
  • Heavy metal soundtrack 

Let me know what you think of the game in the comment section!

Reach me out: skinner.space.games@gmail.com

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
AuthorSkinner Space
Made withUnity, Audacity, Blender
Tags3D, arena, Boss battle, First-Person, Gore, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Awesome game.

I think that this was really really awesome and could be (and should be) expanded upon to make a fantastic game.

This game about killing titanic wendigos is very interesting and fun. 

How long until your next game?

Very nice

Holy fuck this is some awesome shit. I would pay some serious dollarydoos for a full length game with this gameplay.

Solid little experience

Full Play NO Commentary

very fun but short
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Very Fun!

Enjoyed the dismemberment, but couldn't figure out how damage works, or better, where I should keep shooting or stop shooting. Maybe having different feedback or even dmg numbers could help

Loved it

I made a video on your game (14:06)

Another banger! Love your games! 1000/10

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its fun because its simple, just pick up a gun and shoot them

btw who did the music?

Loved it!

It crashes for some reason when the Wendigo spawns. The same thing happens when I start the game in "Lighthouse of the Dead". What can be the reason? Maybe I need to install a new version of Microsoft Visual Studio or something?


really great game. only thing is it's a bit annoying to have to press e twice on the boxes.  I think if you were to punch the crate open and then you just walk over the weopon that would be much better. I would love to see this expanded into a full game. maybe with more boss types and arenas or something like that. Keep up the great work!

Thanks a  lot for your feedback! I'll consider implementing what you've just suggested (but don't promise as I rarely come back to finished projects if ever). Glad to know it's fun to play) I also would like to expand it one day, but probably it's too ambitious for now, so at least I'll try to make an update)


Way to go Wendigo!

YAY! A video from you is such a gift!  Duuude, as always, you made my day! It was so fun to watch!


I liked this game! It was fun and fast paced, and I dig the music! Great job!


It was fun to watch) Thanks a lot for the video!


игра реально крута, желаю разработчику удачи в разработке новых проектов.

Thanks! ^_^


Cool Game

Cool video! Thanks a lot!


your welcome on your Game and thanks for watching my video



AWESOME! Thank you so much for the video)


Very cool game, reminds me of serious sam, cool style, music, player control feels overwhelming. Finally I got defeated when one of those guys pushed me through the ground under the map, cheaters.

Thansk! Haha, sorry for bugs with falling though the ground) Never encountered it, probably I have to clapm Player's position to prevent this from happening. 


Whoa!!! Your itch page is fantastic, no idea that screenshots could be gifs OMG !!! What resolution are the gifs you uploaded


Thanks ^_^ All the gifs are 600x338. I use an online video to gif converter Ezgif. 


Ahh I see! Thank you so much :D I will definitely have to try this out asap^^

I decided to just have Lighthouse Of The Dead on the thumbnail, but I played this game too. This game like the other is really fun, but the bug where the weapon doesn't drop is super annoying, but yeah, real fun.

Thank you so much for the video! I've just figured out the cause of this terrible bug and I'm gonna upload an updated version with a bug fix.


Ultracool. It's only weakness is that it has only one level. (also, it's missing a level editor)


Haha) So pleasant to see you enjoyed it! 


Pretty good game. But it have some bugs. 

Thank a lot for the video! Videos are the best bug reports ever) Gonna fix some of the issues.


pretty good, unfortunately i have the issue some others are reporting about the weapon not dropping

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it's such a shame. Been busy lately, gonna find the cause of this bug as soon as possible.


Very cool gameplay. I ran into a bug tho during my run. Couldn't drop my weapon anymore so I was stuck with an empty gun. Still great fun tho. Highly recommend!


So cool!


extremely fun, love the style and the mobility. could be a bit more difficult, but fun nonetheless. 

However, on some runs I find that I suddenly can't drop my weapon or open new crates, effectively forcing me to restart.

Thanks for playing and especially thank you for the bug report! A bit difficult to find why it happens but I'll try to fix it.


Made a video


Thanks! Awesome video!

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Hi first of all, I tried to go to the world's end directly with so much shift and I did lol. can you put a barrier or something close to that winter fog thing. by the way, there's was a bug that I couldn't press the "E" button. if you read it all of this then, thank you and good luck about your adventure

Same problem with being unable to use the "e" boxes. I love the vibe of the game and the movement and shooting is fun but I haven't been able to make progress cause I keep running into this issue


Best 10 minutes spent tonight thanks for the game :D 


My girlfriend is QUICKLY becoming a fan of your games! Although she and her friend ran into a glitch around 4 or so wendigos.

Thanks for the bug report!


just cool

wish there were more levels, but still really great game



THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! my little boy and i had a great time beating this!!! totally made our mommy/son night so much more insane and AMAZING

Glad to know that you enjoyed it!

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Amazing game! Would love to see a complete version of it on steam!!!! So brutal!!! 


The interact button just stops working for me after around 6 enemies are left, making it impossible to finish he game as I cannot pick up any new weapons. Fun game though, thanks.


Amazing game


love the game keep up the good work

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Thank you so much for the video! It was so fun to watch, you made my day :D


Very cool idea. The scavenging aspect is interesting, I could see something like this being developed further into a full game. Not a whole lot to it, but what is there is amazing. Keep it up

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