Dreamtime Combat is an action platformer based on Australian aboriginal mythology in which you play as a hostile eaglehawk.

End the era of Dreamtime by means of the violent murder of Australian gods! Destroy totems to expel divine power from the mundane world and kill the culture hero Baiame and almighty rain god Rainbow Serpent!

Controls and instructions

Press A & D (or left and right arrows) to move left and right. Press space to jump and double jump. Press S or down arrow in the air to sharply smash your enemies from above! Press Z or W to use dash attack. Destroy totems to make progress, you can nail them down by jumping on them but you have to use a dash attack to break them down.


  • Hardcore boss battles
  • Smart artificial intelligence 
  • Sweet pixel art graphics
  • Immersive GUI
  • Nice metal soundtrack
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorSkinner Space
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withAudacity, Godot, Aseprite
Tags2D, australia, Boss battle, Difficult, Gore, mythology, Pixel Art, Short, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes


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So dynamic gameplay! Awesome =) Also i like the setting.




Funny bird break big cigarettes and murders god.


Wow, pretty game! Very cool and polished-looking. The controls aren't very easy or intuitive - particularly the dash, which often led to my death so I avoided using it. 
Fun game!


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This is absolutely my favorite kind of game, simple mechanics with great artwork and music backed up by the pure chaos that is the gameplay.

I love it, i hope you add more levels to this 


Thank you so much for the video! I thought about making a full-fledged version of this game but I'm a little bit scared of its scope, so maybe later.

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No worrys bud, I get it.

Great game nonetheless

Boa Tarde Skinny gostaria de pedir sua ajuda quando puder me passa seu email para a gente conversar.


Great game! Very polished and well done! I found it a bit easy, but easy isn't necicarily bad. Good job!


Thanks for the feedback! I love polishing even more than building a game itself) The difficulty of this game is a kinda tricky thing. I saw some people who spent 20 minutes constantly dying on the way of beating it, some of them even gave up and said that it's too difficult. Other people, including me (obviously), beat it just in 3 -4 minutes without any problems. So, I don't know whether the game is easy or hard or it's just unbalanced. Anyway, thank you again!


You definetley crushed the polish! It's amazing how polished it is. I definetley agree that nailing difficulty is quite a challenge, there are alot of different skill levels. I think overall it's a good difficulty, great job :D



The game was AMAZING! It is definitely one of my favourite platformer game with boss fights. But I felt like it was quite short, since there were only two boss fights. Maybe you can add more boss fights using Australian Mythology - the Gods of Aboriginal Oz (godchecker.com).

Thank you so much! Nothing can be more pleasant to me than seeing that someone truly enjoyed my creation! Thanks for the link on Godcheker but I know a better source on Australian mythology. Actually, I was inspired by anthropologist Mircea Eliade's book "Australian Religions: An introduction" and Emile Durkheim's "The elementary forms of religious life". I wanted to add more content, different regions of Australia with different gods but the whole project is quite time-consuming (1,5 months of intense work for 3,5 minutes of gameplay). To be honest, I got tired of this game. Currently, I'm working on another project and new bosses and levels are not very likely to be added in the near future. But who knows? Maybe I will add something new but a little bit later) 


Poor little guy. He just wanna rest he little wing and foot. I'd do the same. Poor little guy.

Amazing video! Thank you, I really appreciate it! But it's so pity that you encountered a serious bug that almost destroyed the whole game experience( The skinny guy is a very difficult boss. He has a couple of abilities that make the game actually fun, but for some reason, he got broken when you played(


THIS GAME IS HUGE! I really loved the gameplay and the music! It made me jump in excitement on my chair.

This is the complete playthrough with my opinion at the end. This game will be huge and I'm looking forward for it to be released as a full game!

Wow! Thank you so much for the video! It's just an awesome thing to be able to see how you actually play! It's ten thousand times better than any usual comment! I'm glad that you enjoyed my game)


Thanks for the kind words Skinner! Hope you keep making this game and you eventually release it at full price.

If you could make the commands more easy it would help though. Like WASD arrows to move, but Z or shift to dash and space to jump would make it easier to play.

But anyway, really glad of being able to play this! :D

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed it but I'm not sure about a full-fledged version of this game because it's time-consuming and very risky, I rather keep making more free browser games for fun.

Well, what suits you better :D

Just saying that you might have a public for these games that might want to pay for them if you keep working on them :D


Really cool game brought down by debilitating lag on browser version and too many light effects.


Loved it. More abilities maybe.


Thanks for the feedback! I will consider your suggestion.




Too many flashes?



Plays really well with pretty nice satisfying 'thump!' sounds :-) Agree with the comments about the controls though. It feels awkward to use space for jumping, makes me think too much, up would be more intuitive. Then you would only have to use 'Z' for the attack for instance.


Thanks for the feedback! I will consider changing the control scheme.


Cool, would be nice. After a few playthroughs I'm getting annoyed by the dragon boss, not sure if it's my lack of skill or a lack of balance. Still trying though ;-)

Thanks! Probably both)

Done! Nice, and indeed, like said before, this begs for more! More bosses, more abilities, more characters, more levels, more everything!

Thanks! I'm so glad that I made something that somebody REALLY likes. Of course, I thought about adding different regions of Australia with different gods and their followers but I doubt that it is worth it. I need to spend at least one year of my life on making a full-fledged version of it which is very risky, I'd rather make something new and learn way more game dev skills.


Can I ask, was this made by, or with the blessings of Australian-Indigenous persons and elders?


Does that really matter?

The fact you choose to respond with that tells me no.


I'm not the dev, but to me it does not matter indeed. I'm also allergic to oversensitive 'cultural appropriation' cryouts, so I was wondering what your reason for asking was.


Game is really well polished, visuals, sfx and controlls really well made, congratulations. I just wish I attack with another key, using only left hand is a bit of weird for myself but that's just me I think. 
By the way killing the mobs i'ts so satisfying but even so I feel the mobs are a little avoidable. Be good

Thanks for the feedback! You don't have to play only with a left hand, you can walk by pressing left and right arrows. 

Yeah, the problem is not only with enemies, there are a lot of game design flaws, I just focused on polishing from the start instead of prototyping.


Well but it's already funny and pretty beautiful



For whatever reason I kind of felt like I was supposed to fight the enemies but in the end I was incentivized to run away from them and sort of weaselly knock down the monuments. I had a similar design issue with my game. Still really fun though!

Thanks for the feedback!


Incredible game, the attacks are so satisfying

Thanks! I'm glad that you like it)


Amazing, it has a good dynamic in the controls, the game itself is no that hard if you are into this type of games.
But my laggy computer didn't help for some part (i'm playing in browser) when the monster in their human form came close to me it begins to lag the same for the snake when is about to shot 

Leaving apart my inconvenient with the capacity of my internet is a wonderful game, that's all I have to say.

Thank you for reading this, goodbye

Thank you for such a long awesome comment! I appreciate it)


this game is pretty hard and i cant beat it ;-;

Did you reach the Rainbow Serpent?

noooo only at the little peeps


Impressive combat and atmosphere.

Thanks for the playthrough video! I appreciate it!


Holy crap, skinner!

Your games just get better and better! This is a really really polished little game, incredibly well done!

Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me, I'm so glad that I do visible progress!


Very Satisfying!

I'm glad that you like it)