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Rail Shooter inspired by the classical "The house of the Dead" focused on gore and violence in which you have to escape the swamp inhabited by giant frogs and zombies.

Disable your enemies by ripping off their limbs, or explode their heads and swim in the fountains of blood. You’ve got an infinite amount of ammo to fight and three doses of drugs in case your heart fails. Kill four enemies in a row without a single miss and you´ll be healed as a reward for your awesomeness.  The only way to survive is to light the beacon, board the ship and leave the damn place. Good luck!


  • Detailed dismemberment system
  • Fountains of blood
  • Beautiful retro-style 3D graphics
  • Heavy metal soundtrack


ATTACK ON WENDIGO: https://skinner-space.itch.io/attack-on-wendigo

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
AuthorSkinner Space
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Gore, Low-poly, On-Rails Shooter, Retro, Short, Unity, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes


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Lighthouse of the Dead 66 MB

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enjoyable game, had fun, hope to see more levels

i wish there was a list of controls in the game as i dont usually play games so when i do i have no idea how the controls work

This is a five star right here! :))

so cool :)

Really fun game. Bosses and some horror elements would be fun too

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Man, that was a lot of fun! Would love to see some lighthouse action too though 😎😎👍 I love the frogs too. They're hilarious!

Thank you

my honest frog reaction: 🐸

Had fun! Thanks!

I love your games! short but fun!

this was so freaking fun, i'd play this again

Very fun to play, a game with a lot of personality. WP.

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This was a lot of fun to play! Really rare in games. Even a little upset that the game is so short. I would really like to see an extended version, at least for 2-3 hours. Sometimes the camera behaved quite annoyingly, but nothing special. I don't know how to criticize, but I tried to give feedback about the game. Thank you!


i want a full game like this. with bosses, upgrades and weapon variety. 10/10

i love this game and 10/10


LOVE THIS GAME! Tbh, I had no idea I liked rail shooters until this game. In fact, this game got me into House of the Dead (which I'm obsessed with now).

and really fun in my opinion one of the most beautiful in itch.io

Oh my OH MY this is awesome!!!!!!

as someone who hasn't played the game Robert e lee will start twerking like a jackhammer

66 mmmmmmgb?💀😶⚠


He probably got surprised about game's size...


Such a fun, satisfying and entertaining shooter!! Honestly wish it was longer, had a ton of fun playing it! Check out my video for more thoughts + gameplay :)

XD I'm laughing out loud! Thanks a lot for the video it was so fun to watch)))

I'm glad you enjoyed! Can't wait to play more of your games :)

the cat at 1:00 lol


very satisfying gameplay even with how simple it is, I think this kinda thing would work great in horror since you cant run away



It was fun. Make more.

Pretty fun game! Sure wish there were more levels, but great experience overall! Somethings wrong with those frogs though! Awesome job!

I made a video on your game (30:10)


Awesome! Thank you ^_^


Really good! The gore system was really on point.




this seems cool


Lembra bastante House of the Dead, incluindo a opção de dois caminhos diferentes. Faltou um chefão ali no final, mas é bem legal.

It really ressembles House of the Dead, including the option of two separate paths to reach the end. MIssed a boss in the ending, but overall, a pretty cool experience.

This was a fun game I'd play it again


Dude, you made my day :D Awesome video!

This was a super good, very fun game!

No commentary gameplay!

This is a really well done demo. Loved the House Of The Dead vibes I got from it. This was a fun rail shooter, the only real complaint I got is that I wish there was more enemy variety and maybe a boss at the end of the level. Besides that WELL DONE! 👏

Nice, i needed to play both paths it was allot of fun

This does a great job at replicating the rail shooter feel, really impressive gore physics and camera movements. I'd love to see more like this in the future, keep it up!

Very fun, I'd love to have a sequel or expansion of some kind to it, fun as hell.

i want more of thisssss


Es igualito a la casa el terror impresionante juego maravilloso 

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