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Rail Shooter inspired by the classical "The house of the Dead" focused on gore and violence in which you have to escape the swamp inhabited by giant frogs and zombies.

Disable your enemies by ripping off their limbs, or explode their heads and swim in the fountains of blood. You’ve got an infinite amount of ammo to fight and three doses of drugs in case your heart fails. Kill four enemies in a row without a single miss and you´ll be healed as a reward for your awesomeness.  The only way to survive is to light the beacon, board the ship and leave the damn place. Good luck!


  • Detailed dismemberment system
  • Fountains of blood
  • Beautiful retro-style 3D graphics
  • Heavy metal soundtrack

Published 15 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorSkinner Space
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Gore, Low-poly, On-Rails Shooter, Retro, Short, Unity, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes


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This was super fun i loved everything the style the layout it was too damn  good cant wait to see what else you make!


First of all congratulations and thank you for this "beuty" and addisctive videogame, its really funny project.

The only "mistakes" that i saw: Sometimes when you finish reloading your weapon, it did a shot and i dont press any input. Its a little mistake, but i said, in case you plan to make a sequel or continue your game (and you should :) )

and another mistake its that, when you kill a frog, usually you dont know it, and sometime change you objective,i think that, you could add a signal (like audio, message...) to know when they are dead.

The good thing? all, its a really great game, the gun shot sound its really satisfyting, bodies destroying its beauty. And the most important, its so funny!!

Congratulation again. <3


Thank you so much for the feedback! I keep working on the project and I promise, I'll fix all the mistakes that you mentioned)))



Such a nice video! Thank you!




Made a video


Such an amazing video! Dudes, thank you so much, it was really fun to watch!


Happy you enjoyed the video and was really looking forward to fighting a boss or the boat but still had fun with it


So, sooner or later I'm gonna add the boss. I keep working on the project, the current version is a kind of demo.


Looking forward to playing again when you add the boss


This gave me the nostalgic vibes of arcades..i miss these type of games on arcades.. barely seen any rail shoot em up games on arcades near me lately, thanks dude for making this gam

Thanks for playing!


It's fantastic, Bro, it's a clear tribute to House of the Dead, great music, very fluid gameplay, without a doubt, it's amazing, the only bad thing is that I wanted to face a boss lol, but your game is undoubtedly fantastic. 🤘🎮👍
Game Complete Here (No Deaths)

Thank you for the video! I'm really appreciate it) 


The model animations are so good for this, nice work :)

Full PLay NO Commentary 


I'm glad that you enjoyed it) Thank you for the video!


Wow, this was intense. This is probably the most immersive pure fun game I've ever played on Itch.io, there were so many moments where I just lost myself as I felt like they really were right in front of my face. Thanks so much for making this. I'll recommend this game to people I know.


Thank you so much! It's such a weird feeling, I worked on this project for quite a while without any feedback and relied only on my intuition, and now I see that I made something fun! I can't even describe how glad I am ^_^ 

That's great!


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefully it is useful to you :D

-Awesome concept adaptation out of the box. :O I really loved how well you've captured the house of the dead vibes.

-Gameplay mechanics are really well done and fun, I'll say that adding some extra side mechanics to the core gameplay and some quality of life improvements (reloading with "R", etc.) the game could easily be expanded.

-Really good visual style it suits the arcade vibes the game gave me ^^.

-Have you considered expanding the game? I'm 100% serious, a 1/1:30h campaign with a short and interesting story+ that sweet soundtrack+some replay value and you'll have a pretty good product to be honest ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you so much for the video and your feedback! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I've worked on this game for quite a while without any publicity and started being afraid of being able to find the audience. Now I see that my fear was unjustified :D I'm gonna continue the development, add more weapon, enemies, and bosses! Luckily, I thought about it in advance and the architecture of my code allows me to extend the game without too much headache.


Awesome ^^, if you need help with storywriting or music concepts I'll be glad to help :D


I'll let you know)

Awesome ^^


It was always my dream to hunt frogs to extinction. Thank you for this wish fulfillment.

Incredible video! I'm laughing out loud XD Thank you, dude! You are the best!


I love the Bizarre style of the enemies and the world, a great fast paced experience. I'm excited to keep playing this and seeing more of the crazy world 


Awesome video! I'm really appreciate it, thank you!


Nice game!   Always exiting to see new lightgun games get made.   Biggest need is the option to remove the crosshairs so you can just point and shoot with PC lightguns.

Next biggest need is a sequel.   With more.. everything, building off of this.

I couldn't seem to find a weakpoint on the zombies that would bring it down in fewer shots.  Don't know if there's suppose to be one but it's a very satisfying mechanic to have when you have enemies that are bullet-spongy.

Also it seems that when there are enemies in the background they can't be hit until you move forward.  You ought to be able to hit any target on the screen. 

Thank you for such a profound comment! I'm glad that you enjoyed it) And especially thanks for the useful feedback. Yeah, I planned to make this game bigger but I hadn't shown it to anyone till one week before the release. I needed feedback in order to decide whether anyone is actually would be interested in my game. Luckily, my expectations are satisfied and I see that I should continue the development))) 

I made the enemies spongy on purpose cuz I knew that it's gonna be satisfiable. Also, I should definitely do something about the enemies in the background. Maybe I should make a new animation for zombies of them getting out of the ground so that they could be hidden from the Player at first.

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Great game I hope to see more of this get expanded upon. Not my first arcade rail shooter on the channel but certainly one of my top faves. Please remember to share this video out to your community as it helps it getting shared on youtube itself.

Amazing video! Thanks for playing!


happy too hope to play more if you have any in the works let me know.

Ok, I'll let you know.


i had a good time playing lighthouse of the dead. brings back that nostalgic games like house of the dead and on rail shooters.

Thank you so much for the video! It was so fun to watch)


ah so fun shooter ..hope look full story

Thank you so much for the video! 


dope as fuck


Thanks :D


Reaaly fun game. Remember the old days. 

Thank you so much for the video! I'm really appreciate it)

good game i hope you had more guns [

Thanks! That sounds like an idea for an update ;)